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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 2 Spring 2019

Spring 2019 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA201 - PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT

Q1. Explain Implementation of operations Activities.
Q2. What is the strategic importance of Forecasting? List various methods of Forecasting.
Q3. Explain various types of Layouts. 1. Process layout 2.5 2. Product layout 2.5 3. Group technology layout 2.5 4. Fixed position layout 2.5.

Q1. Explain the different models of business processes
Q2.Explain the concept of Rating Method for Location decision sequence. Discuss different types of Rating methods.
Q3.Elaborate four major decision areas in supply chain management?.

Spring 2019 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA202 – Financial Management

Q1. Capitalisation of a firm refers to the composition of its long-term funds and its capital structure.
Q2. a) Write on Zero Coupon Bond. 5 b) Concept of Yield to Maturity
Q3. Determine the value of assets of the two projects, A and B, with a discount rate of 12%. Year Cash Flows of A Cash flows of B 1 20000 15000 2 50000 25000 3 30000 45000

Assignment Set -2
Q1. Briefly explain types and sources of Risk in Capital budgeting.

Q2. ABC Ltd current dividend is Rs 6. It expect to have a supernormal growth period running to 4 Years during which the growth rate would be 25%. The company expects normal growth rate of 8% after the period of supernormal growth period. The Investor is required rate of return is 15%. Calculate What the value of one share of this company is worth.
Q3. An Investment will have an initial outlay of Rs 150,000. It is expected to generate cash inflows. Year Cash Inflow 1 50,000 2 50,000 3 20,000 4 30,000 If the Risk Free rate and the Risk Premium is 15%. Then Compute: a. Compute the NPV using the risk free rate 5 b. Compute NPV using Risk-Adjusted discount rate.

Spring 2019 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA203 – Marketing Management

Q1. Explain the concept of Marketing. What are the various functions of marketing?
Q2. What are the various micro environment of a company?
Q3. Write short notes on: i. Henry Assael Model for buying decision behaviour. 5 ii. Buyer decision process for new product.

Assignment Set -2
Q1. What do you mean by Durable and Non-durable goods? What are the seven levels of product hierarchy?
Q2. Explain various price adjustment options adopted by the companies
Q3. Explain the various steps involved in the development of Integrated Marketing Communication process ?

Spring 2019 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA204 –Management Information System

Q1.What are the different challenges a manager face in managing Information systems?
Q2. Explain the concepts of
a) Transaction Processing System
b) Management Information System
Q3. How Information system can be used to support Competitive strategy? Substantiate with suitable examples.

Assignment Set – 2 Questions
Q1. Explain the following concepts a) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) b) Online Payment Technology c) Mobile Commerce
Q2. What is DSS? How it is different from MIS? How DSS helps in Decision making?
Q3. Explain why privacy is important for individuals in the organizations? How workplace electronic monitoring is done in the organizations?

Spring 2019 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA205 –Operations Research

Q1. Explain the Concept of Concept of Linear Programming. List down various Assumptions of linear programming.
Q2. Write short note on
a) Least Cost Method for finding initial solution of transportation problem.
b) Sequencing ‘n’ Jobs on Two Machines
Q3. ABC Pvt. Ltd. is currently using a machine that was purchased for Rs 36,000. The resale value of the machine is Rs 12,000. Maintenance cost of machine is 3,000 Rs for first year and then increases by 500 Rs every year. Calculate total and average cost for 12 Years and find the best time to replace the machine.

Q1. a. Define the meaning of Simulation.
b. Explain different Types of simulation
Q2. Define following criteria’s used for decision making under Uncertainty
a. Optimism (maximax or minimin) criterion
b. Pessimism (maximin or minimax) criterion
c. Equal probabilities (Laplace) criterion
d. Coefficient of optimism (Hurwicz) criterion
e. Regret (salvage) criterion
Q3. Ea. Explain the importance and utility of the replacement model in business organizations.
b. There are six jobs, each of which must go through two machines A and B in the order AB. The processing time of machines (in hours) is given in Table
Job Processing Time
Machine A Machine B
1 5 12
2 16 9
3 10 14
4 12 15
5 8 7
6 20 18
Determine a sequence for the six jobs that will minimise the elapsed time. Also calculate the idle time for Machine A & Machine B.

Spring 2019 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA206 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Q1. Identify the impact of delays in project completions.
Q2. Describe the steps in project identification
Q3. Define the advantages & disadvantages of Functional-type organization

Assignment Set -2
Q1. Define Resource Scheduling & its benefits
Q2. Detail Quality characteristics
Q3. Explain project procurement process

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