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MBA Semester I Fall 2017

Fall 2017 smude mba semester 1 MBA101 ansMBA101-Assignment-Fall-2017 -Management Process and Organizational Behaviour

Q1. Explain the Definition and Importance of 'management'.
Answer: Management is all about making things smooth and efficient. It is also about achieving our goals which in modern management literature we call 'effectiveness'...

Fall 2017 smude mba semester 1 mba102 ansMBA102-Assignment-Fall-2017 - Business Communication

Q1. Define communication. What are the characteristics of communication?
Answer: Communication in simple terms is a transfer of information between people, resulting in common understanding between them...

Fall 2017 smude mba semester 1 mba103 ansMBA103-Assignment-Fall-2017 - Statistics for Management

Q1. Write Short notes on following methods of classification in Statistical Survey i. One Way Classification. ii. Two Way Classification iii. Manifold Classification.
Answer: One Way Classification: Classification done according to a single attribute or variable is known as one way classification...

Fall 2017 smude mba semester 1 mba104 ansMBA104-Assignment-Fall-2017 - Financial and Management Accounting

Q1. Following information obtained from a manufacturing company:
01-04-2016 31-03-2017
Stock of Raw Material 75000 80000
Stock of Finished Goods 120000 140000
Stock of Work-in-progress 20000 26000
Indirect Labour - 65,000, Lubricants – 15,000, Insurance on Plant – 5,000, Purchase of Raw Materials – 3,00,000, Sales Commission - 75,000, Salaries to salesman – 1,00,000, Administrative Expenses – 1,50,000, Carriage Outward 20,000, Power – 20,000, Direct Labour - 2,00,000, Depreciation on machinery – 40,000, Factory Rent – 50,000, Property Tax on Factory Building – 14,000, Sales - 10,11,000
Prepare a statement of Cost and Profit showing:
(a) Cost of Raw Materials Consumed (b) Prime Cost (c) Total Manufacturing Cost or Factory Cost or Works Cost (d) Cost of Goods available for Sale (e)Profit
Answer: Cost Sheet
Direct Materials 1,50,000
Direct Expenses* 3,00,000
Prime Cost 4,50,000

Fall 2017 smude mba semester 1 MBA105 ansMBA105-Assignment-Fall-2017 - Managerial Economics

Q1. Define Demand Forecasting. Elucidate the determinants of supply.
Answer: Demand forecasting seeks to investigate and measure the forces that determine sales for existing and new products...

Fall 2017 smude mba semester 1 MBA106 ansMBA106-Assignment-Fall-2017 - Human Resource Management

Q1. Discuss – HR forecasting techniques with example.
Answer: Human resource management involves blending the traditional administrative functions along with the changing concepts of employee welfare in the organisation...

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