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BBA Semester 2 Spring18


Q1. Discuss the various steps involved in research process with a suitable diagram.
Q2. What is Secondary data? What are the advantages & disadvantages of Secondary Data?
Q3. Explain the qualities of a good questionnaire.

BBA207 Business Strategy

Q1. Define Business Policy. Explain – the importance of business policy with suitable example.
Q2. Explain - Formulation of Business Strategy with example.
Q3. Explain – Leadership traits in detail.


ABC Ltd Purchased Plant and Machinery costing Rs 40000 on 1st April 2013. It has been decided to depreciate it at the rate of 30% p.a on the written down value method. Show the Plant and Machinery account till 31st March 2017.
Q2. Mita, Vikash and Preetha are partners sharing profit and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1. Their Balance Sheet was as follows.
Balance Sheet of Mita, Vikas, Preetha as on April 31st, 2016
Liabilities Amount Assets Amount
Creditors 10000 Cash in hand 7000
Bills Payable 7000 Machinery 13000
Capital: Stock 26000
M 40000 Debtors 26000
V 30000 Investment 15000
P 20000 Building 20000
Preetha retires on 01.05.2017 and as a result the assets are revalued and liabilities reassessed as follows:
1. Goodwill of the firm valued at Rs 30000
2. Machinery is depreciated at 10%
3. Creditors were underestimated by Rs 500
4. Building and Investment are appreciated by 20%
5. Create a provision for doubtful debt on debtors at Rs 800 Prepare necessary ledger accounts and show the balance sheet of new firm after adjustments.
Q3. Prepare a Banks reconciliation statement from the following particulars as on 31st April 2016
1. Balance as Per Pass Book Rs 8620
2. Cheques for Rs 4860 were deposited into bank but credited only Rs 3260 up to 31st April, 2016
3. A customer directly deposited into bank Rs 470
4. Interest credited by bank Rs 230
5. Bank Charges Rs 30
6. Balance as per Cash Book Rs 9550

Assignment II
Q1. Elucidate how accounting information is beneficial to various users.
Q2. Explain the features of final account
Q3. 1. Explain why Revaluation account is prepared 2. X and Y are in partnership, sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:5. They admit Z into partnership and the new-profit sharing ratio is 4:3:3. Value of Goodwill is agreed at Rs 30000. Z contributes Rs 20000 as capital and necessary amount of premium, half of which is retained in the business. Show the Journal Entries.

BBA209 Marketing Management

Q1. What is Marketing? What is the scope for modern marketing?
Q2. Write Short Notes on: a. 4 Ps of Marketing b. Additional 3 Ps of Marketing
Q3.Explain Packaging and labelling.

Assignment Set -2 Questions
Q1. What are factors that affect the pricing decisions?
Q2. Write short notes on a. Different types of advertising appeals used by Ad Agencies b. Essentials of a good advertising copy
Q3. In what way Macro-environment of an Organization affects the Marketing activity?


What are the different operating elements of Management Information System (MIS)?
Q2. Write a brief note on
a) Knowledge Based System (KBS)
b) Executive Information System (EIS)
c) Decision Support System (DSS)
d) Business Process System (BPS)
Q3. Prototype approach and Life Cycle approach are the two major approaches for developing the MIS. Explain them in detail and compare.
Assignment Set – 2 Questions
Q1. What is E-commerce? What are the different E-Commerce process models?
Q2. Explain the concepts
a) Decision Support System
b) Artificial Intelligence, and
c) Neural Networks
Q3. What are the different security hazards to MIS? How to overcome these hazards.

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