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MBA Semester III Summer 2015

Summer 2015 smude mba semester 3 MB0050 ansMB0050 – Research Methodology

Q1. What do you mean by Focus Group Discussion? Explain the key elements of a focus group.
Answer: Focus group discussion: A form of structured group discussion involving people with knowledge and interest in a particular topic and a facilitator...

Summer 2015 smude mba semester 3 MB0051 ansMB0051: “Legal Aspects of Business

Q1. Explain the performance of contracts.
Answer: Performance of a contract takes effect when the parties to the contract fulfill their obligations within the time and manner specified under the contract...

MK0010 – Sales, Distribution& Supply Chain Management

Q1. Define and explain the objectives of sales quota. Also describe the types of sales quota to judge performance of the sales personnel.
Answer :The sales targets in the form of sales territory, districts or branches are assigned to sales personnel are referred to as sales quota...

PM0010 – Introduction to Project Management

Q1. What are phases of project lifecycle?
Answer: The five phases of project lifecycle are initiation, planning, execution, controlling, and closing...

MF0010 – Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Q1. Financial markets bring the providers and users in direct contact without any intermediary. Financial markets permits the businesses and governments to raise the funds needed by sale of securities. Describe the money market/capital market – features and its composition.
Answer:The money market exists as a result of the interaction between the suppliers and demanders of short-term funds...

MU0010 – Manpower Planning and Resourcing

Define the term ‘manpower planning’. Explain the need for manpower planning. What are the advantages of manpower planning?
Answer:Manpower planning: Effectiveness of Manpower planning is to hiring the right number of people at the right place and at the right time for doing the right things...

MH0051 – Health Administration

Q.1 Explain the management methods and techniques of health planning.
Answer: Health planners are intent upon devising means to improve service coverage in more efficient and effective ways...

IB0010 – International Financial Management

Q1. Discuss the goals of international financial management.
Answer: Goals of International Financial management: Effective financial management is not limited to the application of the latest business techniques or functioning more efficiently but includes maximization of wealth meaning that it aims to offer profit to the shareholder, the owners ...

ML0010 – Warehousing and Supply Chain Management

Q1. Explain the various categories of Retail Warehousing.
Answer: There are various categories of warehousing in retail.the retailers are categorized on the basis of the width and depth...

QM0019 - Foundations of Quality Management

Q1. a. From the perspective of an organisation, a seller, or a manufacturer, what are the four parameters on which the significance of better quality can be realised? b. Write a short note on the evolution of quality management.
Answer: Operating features of a product indicates how effectively the product or service is performing the intended functions...

OM0010 - Operations Management

Q1. Define operations strategy. What are the differences between manufacturing and service organisations in terms of operations strategy?
Answer: Operations strategy involves developing the long-term plan for using major resources of the organisation to achieve the desired corporate objectives...

MI0033 – Software Engineering

Q1. Explain the overall agile process in detail
Answer: An agile process is guided by scenarios (customer portrayal of the requirements in story-board format), acknowledges that plans are not frozen permanently and can be changed as and when required, builds software on an iteration-basis and delivers the final software over several “software incremental deliveries,” and adjusts to the changes that is bound to happen during the entire duration of the project...


Q1. Explain the significance of financial system. Write the characteristics, need and importance of financial system.
Answer: The term financial system is a set of inter-related economic activities working together to achieve economic development...

SC0001 - Supply Chain Management

Q1. on Request...
Answer: on request...

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