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BBA Semester 5 Winter 2015


Q1. Write short notes on:
• Scope of production
• Controlling function of operations management
• Master Production Schedule
• Predetermined Motion Time Studies
Q2. What are the various types of Projects and their advantages and disadvantages?
Q3. What are the various types and functions of stores?
Q4. Write short notes on:
• Supply alliances
• Six sigma
• Importance of sales forecasting
• Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Q5. Explain planned maintenance and its types.
Q6. Why is facility location so important? What are the various factors that affect decisions regarding choice of location?


Q1. Explain profit maximization. Write the objectives of profit maximization.
Q2. Explain the concept of Time value of Money. Explain with an example the compounding method.
Q3. What do you understand by financial leverage? Explain Earning Per Share (EPS) and Return on Equity (ROE).
Q4. Explain the Capital Investment Planning and Control phases. Write short notes on : a) Net Present Value (NPV) b) Internal Rate of Return(IRR)
Q5. Explain the modes of security which a bank may require. Write the features of ordinary shares.
Q6. Explain the three motives for holding cash. Write the facets of cash management.


Q1. Explain the economic and non-economic factors which play a role in developing economy.
Q2. Prepare a report on the trends in India’s national income growth and structure.
Q3. Explain the objectives of economic planning in India.
Q4. Discuss the indicators in order to explain the role of public sector in Indian Economy
Q5. Discuss any five components of price policy for growth
Q6. Elaborate on the financial relations between the Centre and the States.


Q1. a) Explain Income u/s 2(24) of the Income-tax Act, 1961 b) Explain Person u/s 2(31) of the Income-tax Act, 1961
Q2. Narrate the penalties and provisions in the event of various defaults committed by the assesses.
Q3. Ms. A joins a market research organization BRISIL Ltd. at Jamshedpur after her MBA. Following are the particulars of her income received from BRISIL Ltd. for the year ending 31. 03. 2015.


Q1. What are the important characteristics of an entrepreneur?
Q2. What are the sources of opportunities for an entrepreneur? Discuss the methods of generating ideas.
Q3. Write short notes on the following:
a) Types of ownership securities
b) Choosing the Legal Form of New Venture.

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