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BBA Semester 4 Winter 2015

BBA401 – E-Commerce

Q1. a. Flipkart is the India's best eCommerce website to buy wide range of products online. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, Flipkart offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day. Mention and explain the various opportunities offered by eCommerce for businesses. b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce?
Q2. Write Short notes on a. Local Area Network (LAN) b. Wide Area Network (WAN) c. Domain Names d. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Q3. Explain three important types of business models in practice. Give example to each of the models.
Q4. When a data is sent across the network it is encrypted and arranged in a way that even if there is a diversion in the flow of data should not leak the data. At the reception it is decrypted and actual data is obtained. Explain the different methods of encryption technique.
Q5. Explain the different categories of electronic payment system in detail
Q6. With an example explain the different services offered by the Internet.

BBA402 – Management Accounting

Q1. What are the advantages and limitations of Budgetary control ?
Q2. The capacity of your organization is to produce 40,000 units of valve p.a. Due to protracted power cuts, the organization can operate at 60 % capacity level. Ascertain the working capital requirements at the current level of production based on the following : Elements of Cost Per Unit Rs.
Raw-materials 6
Direct labour 3
Overhead 4
Total Cost 13 Profit 3
Raw-materials are in stock, on an average, for 2 months. W.I.P 1/2 a month. Finished goods are in stock, on an average for 1 month. Credit allowed to Debtors 3 months and received from suppliers of raw-materials is 1.5 months. Lag in payment of wages 1/2 a month. There is usually no lag in payment of overheads.
Q3. The standard material cost of producing each unit of product K is as follows : 4.8 kg of material @ Rs. 5 per kg.
Actual material cost of producing 200 units of product K is as follows: 1,200 kg of material costing Rs. 4,800. Compute : (i) Material Cost Variance (ii) Material Price Variance (iii) Material Usage Variance
Q4. From the following information prepare a Balance Sheet. Show the working. (a) Working Capital Rs. 75,000, (b) Reserves and Surplus Rs. 1,00,000, (c) bank Overdraft Rs. 60,000, (d) Current Ratio 1.75, (e)Liquid Ratio 1.15, (f) Fixed Assets to Proprietor’s funds 0.75, (g) Long term Liabilities Nil
Q5. Explain the objectives of analysis of financial statements What are the types of analysis ?
Q6. From the following data find (a) Sales and (b) New Break-even Sales, if Selling price is reduced by 10 % : Rs.
Fixed Cost 4,000
Break-even Sales 20,000
Profit 1,000
Selling price per unit 20

BBA 403 - International marketing

Q1. Explain the meaning, need and significance of international marketing.
Q2. Compare Adam Smith and David Ricardo’s theories of international trade.
Q3. Culture is an invisible barrier to international trade. Discuss.
Q4. Explain the meaning and need of secondary research in international marketing.
Q5. What is the mode of entry adopted by McDonalds? Discuss the various modes of entry in international business.
Q6.Write short notes on: a) Modes of transportation in international trade b) Benefits and risks of Global e marketing

BBA404 – Small Business Management

Q1. Define small business and explain its characteristics. What are the common problems affecting small businesses?
Q2. Explain the following a) Porter’s five forces model. b) SWOT analysis
Q3. Explain various sources of Working Capital.

BBA405 – Retail Management

Q1. Write short notes on the following: a) Functions of retailing b) Retail marketing
Q2. Explain the functions of merchandising manager.
Q3. What is meant by retail space management? Describe the elements of store design?

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