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BBA Semester 2 Winter 2015

Winter 2015 smude bba semester 2 answerBBA201 – Research Methods

Q1. Discuss the primary data collection techniques in detail.
Q2. a. Explain the different types of research designs. b. Differentiate between Probability and Non-probability sampling methods.
Q3. The important task ahead of the researcher is to document the entire work done in the form of a well-structured research report. Explain the report writing steps. What are the guidelines for writing the research report?

Winter 2015 smude bba semester 2 answerBBA202 – Business Strategy

Q1. Define business policy. Explain the importance of business policy. Differentiate between business policy and Strategy.
Q2. What are the objectives of Strategic Management? What are the causes for failure of Strategic Management?
Q3. Write short notes on the following: a) Core competencies and their importance b) Strategic leadership.

Winter 2015 smude bba semester 2 answerBBA203 - Financial Accounting

Q1. X, Y & Z were partners sharing profits and losses as 3:2:1. Their Balance Sheet as on 31.03.2015 were as under :
Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs.
Capital: 1,80,000 Freehold Premises 1,00,000
A 1,00,000 Building 60,000
B 70,000 Machinery 90,000
C 40,000
Reserves 90,000 Investments 20,000
Cash Credit 30,000 Inventories 30,000
Creditors 30,000 Receivables 30,000
Bills Payable 20,000 Cash 10,000
3,40,000 3,40,000v C expired on 1st April 2015. So, the assets are revalued and liabilities re-assessed as follows :
i) Create a provision for doubtful debt Rs. 1,000.
ii) Building is to be depreciated by 5 %.
iii) Machinery is to be depreciated by 10 %.
iv) Goodwill of the firm is to be valued at Rs. 30,000.
The balance due to C will be transferred to his executor’s loan account which will carry an interest of 10 % p.a. Prepare Revaluation Account, Capital Accounts and the Balance Sheet of new firm after adjustments.
Based on above, prepare :
a) Revaluation Account
b) Capital Accounts and
c) Balance Sheet as on 1st April 2015
Q2. The Cash Book of Exception Ltd. furnishes the following balances on 25th October 2015. Cash in hand 4,200; Cash at Bank 7,650; Discount Allowed total 420 and Discount Received total Rs. 950.
The following transactions occurred during last week of October 2015 :
April 26 : General expenses Rs. 920 paid in cash
26 : Cash Sales Rs. 9,200
27 : A cheque Rs. 3,040 received from a debtor, K. Ball in full settlement of Rs. 3,200.
27 : A cheque sent to supplier, Baker Ltd. in settlement of dues Rs. 14,000 less 5 % Discount.
28 : Bank notified that a cheque Rs. 2,210 received from Mc Dermot returned dishonoured.
30 : An old delivery van was sold for Rs. 71,000 and a cheque received.
30 : A cheque sent to a supplier, Ford Ltd. in immediate payment of an invoice, list price Rs. 8,000, less 25 % Trade discount and 5 % Cash discount.
Prepare a Triple Column Cash Book in the books of Exception Ltd.
Q3. What do you understand by goodwill? Explain the accounting treatment of goodwill at the time of admission. Give journal entry for the below problem:
T and S are partners in a firm sharing profit in the ratio 5:3. They admitted G as a new partner for 1/4th share in the profit.
G brings Rs.45,000 for her share of goodwill and Rs.1,20,000 for capital. They have withdrawn the goodwill from the firm. Make journal entries in the books of the firm after the admission of G. The new profit sharing ratio will be 2:1:1.
Q4. Accounting refers to a systematic knowledge of accounting. It explains ‘why to do’ and ‘how to do’ of various aspects of accounting. Explain the objectives of accounting and explain the categories of users.
Q5. Prepare Trading , Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet from the following particulars as at 31st March 2015.
Q6 . From the ledger balances as on 31st March 2015 show treatments in Profit and Loss Account and in Balance Sheet.
Debtors : 50,000; Bad Debts : 3,000; Discount Allowed : 2,000; Creditors: 30,000; Provision for Discount on Creditors : 400; Discount Received 300.
Adjustments :
i) Create a provision for Bad Debts @ 10 % on Debtors
ii) Create a provision for Discount on Debtors @ 5 %
iii) Additional discount given to Debtors Rs. 1,000
iv) Create a provision for discount on Creditors @ 2 %

Winter 2015 smude bba semester 2 answerBBA204 - Marketing Management

Q1. Explain the personal, socio-cultural, Psychological determinants of consumer behaviour.
Q2. Describe the methods of environmental analysis-SWOT, PEST.
Q3. The brand is the symbol of the product’s personality. It is developed though diligent market research and is based on the customer’s needs and wants. Explain the various steps which are undertaken in the formation of a brand with examples.
Q4. Define Product mix. Explain the factors determine the decisions of the Product mix.
Q5. Define Green Marketing. What are the reasons for which companies adopt green marketing?
Q6. Discuss the characteristics of services (any three) and the important strategies which help in marketing of services.

Winter 2015 smude bba semester 2 answerBBA205 – Management Information Systems

Q1. Define MIS. Describe the characteristics and functions of MIS
Q2. What do you mean by ERP? Describe the situations before and after the existence of ERP. Explain the challenges involved in ERP.
Q3. Explain the applications and systems used in E-communication.
Q4. Write Short notes on a. Decision Support Systems b. Artificial Intelligence c. Neural Networks d. Expert Systems
Q5. a. Explain Intranet and its applications to Business b. What are the differences between Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).
Q6. Write short notes on the following :
a)Transaction Processing System(TPS)
b)Knowledge Based System(KBS)

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