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BBA Semester 6 Summer 2016


Q1. Explain the concept of technology forecasting? Write a brief note on different methods of technology forecasting.
Q2. What is technology assessment? Explain the various stages of technology assessment.
Q3. With a neat diagram, describe the characteristics of various stages of technology life cycle.
Q4. Write short notes on the following: a. The Bar-Zakay model
b. The Behrman and Wallender Model
c. The Dahlman and Westphal Model
d. The Schlie, Radnor, and Wad Model
Q5. a. Explain the different steps of Environmental impact analysis (EIA) process.
b. What are the various issues in the preparation of EIA Report?
Q6. Define Innovation. Explain different types of Innovation.
Briefly explain the external and internal factors which influence innovation.

BBA602 –Management Development and Skills

Q1. “Self-awareness is the conscious recognition of one’s inner most feelings, thoughts, character, motives and desires”. Illustrate, citing the importance of Self-awareness. Illustrate the quote, citing the importance of Self-awareness
Q2 Explain Heuristic Method and Catwoe Analysis as tools of problem solving.
Q3 What are the different levels of conflict ?
Q4 Enumerate the factors affecting successful delegation.
Q5 What are the techniques of managing a team ? Explain the Broaden-and-Build Theory.
Q6 Illustrate the different channels of Communication. Different channels of Communication


Q1. 1Explain Triangular Arbitrage with example.
How are forward rates quoted?
Triangular Arbitrage with example
How forward rates are quoted
Q2 “There are four broad products in the derivatives market such as forwards, futures, options and swaps”. Illustrate. Four broad products in the derivatives market : forwards, futures, options and swaps
Q3 “The common currency Euro has eliminated the need to maintain different national currencies within the Euro zone and, thus, making the workings of a single market easier”. Explain.
Explain Euro as common currency eliminating different national currencies.
Q4 Explain the main lending facilities extended by the IMF
Q5 Illustrate the roles played by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Q6 What do you understand by Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ?

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