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BBA Semester 5 Summer 2016


Answer the following questions:
Q1 Write short notes on:
a. Production Management
b. Objectives of Operations Management
c. Reverse EngineeringV d. Production Planning and Control
Q2 What is the purpose of sales forecasting? Explain following methods of time series analysis for forecasting:V a. Simple average method
b. Moving average method
c. Exponential smoothing
d. Trend projections
Q3 What do you mean by Operation Strategy? Discuss various operations strategies in services.
Q4 Define materials management and state its importance and functions.
Q5 What is PERT? Explain the applications and advantages of PERT.
Q6 Case Study- Maintenance Management of Hospital Equipment: A Case Study for Public Hospitals in India
A study was conducted for the evaluation of the existing facilities, practices of maintenance management and its processes in major public hospitals in India. The main aim of this study was to establish and to determine how the management managed medical equipment lifecycle. The results offered an opportunity to the management to appraise the maintenance program which was being made by the facilities maintenance management. The management also sought improvement for increased efficiency of the workers and more effective utilization of the resources available. In major hospitals in India a computer programme was developed to improve facility maintenance management status. Various interviews were conducted so as to obtain detailed information concerning maintenance organizations performances. These interviews were carried out with each organization main or key person and these were categorized into three respondent groups, namely, the hospital, consultant and contractor. There was positive response to the questionnaires from eight hospitals. The results obtained were then analysed and were displayed in a histogram graph with the help of a Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SSPS) program. The research encountered challenges and these included hospital’s policy and technological resources. This study aided the facilities maintenance management in the hospitals to determine the status of its performance and further, to pin-point areas where they were lacking in the organization’s service. The maintenance computer program so developed was based on the results in order to improve the practices of the existing facilities maintenance management and its processes in major hospitals in India. The developed program guides the user on the reasons of the fault, possible personnel to handle the fault in the medical equipment. Discussion Questions
1. In hospitals in India why were computer programs developed?
2. How were the interviews conducted in hospitals?


Explain Real and Financial Assets, Finance & Management Functions and equity and borrowed funds.
a) Explanation of Real and Financial Assets
b) Explanation of Finance & Management Functions
c) Explanation of equity and borrowed funds
Q2 Write short notes on :
a) Budgeting and forecasting
b) Financial Budgets
c) Cost Centre
Q3 Explain on cost of capital and cost of preference capital.
a) Explanation of cost of capital
b) Explanation of cost of preference capital
Q4 Solve the given problem below:
Determine the degree of operating leverage from the following data:
S Ltd R Ltd
Sales 25,00,000 30,00,000
Fixed costs 7,50,000 15,00,000
Variable expenses 50% of sales for firm S 25% for firm R.
Calculation of Degree of operating leverage of the two firms
Q5 Explain the phases of Capital Investment Planning and Control. Why is Net Present Value (NPV) important?
Q6 Write about cash planning and explain about cash forecasting and budgeting.


Briefly explain any 3 types of theory of Economic Development and also discuss the features of a Developing Economy?
Q2 Explain the role of the Public Sector in India
Q3 Discuss in detail Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) Model of Development with the help of examples?
Q4 Discuss the Significance of Agriculture in the National Economy?
Q5 Give an Overview of the Services Sector in India.
6 Write short notes on:
a) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India
b) Communication system in India


Q1 Write notes on :
a) Assessee in default
b) Total Income and Gross Total Income
c) Rules for determining residential status of an HUF
Q2 Ms. Trista, a resident individual, owns a house property situated in Bangalore. The particulars of the house are as under:
Municipal Value 1,20,000
Fair Rent 1,60,000
Standard Rent 1,40,000
Actual Rent (per month) 12,000
Period of Vacancy NIL
Municipal Taxes for the year 20 % of Municipal Value
Municipal tax paid during the year 24,000
Compute the income of Ms. Trista under the head : Income from house property.
Discuss the advantages of VAT over Sales tax.
Q3 “Section 48 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 discusses the methods of computation of short term and long term capital gains”. Enumerate with examples.
A Discuss the methods of computation of Short term and Long term Capital Gains under Section 48 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 with examples.


Q1 Explain – the nine types of personalities of entrepreneurs defined by Zahorsky.
Q2 What do you mean by Business Plan? Explain its significance.
Q3 Explain - Harvesting Strategy. Harvesting Strategy

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