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BBA Semester 4 Summer 2016

BBA401 E-Commerce

Q1. Define E-Commerce. What are the various advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce?
Define E-Commerce
Advantages of E-Commerce
Disadvantages of E-Commerce
Q2. Write Short notes on
a. Local Area Network (LAN)
b. Wide Area Network (WAN)
c. Domain Names
d. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Q3. Explain three important types of business models in practice. Give example to each of the models.
Q4. Explain the different categories of electronic payment systems in detail.
Explain any 5 types of electronic payment systems
Q5. What is internet marketing? Briefly explain the different types of internet marketing.
Explain the concept of internet marketing
Explain 8 types of internet marketing
Q6. a. Define M-commerce
b. Write a short note on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
c. Briefly explain the components of WAP model

BBA402 Management Accounting

Q1 What are the advantages and limitations of Budgetary control ?
Q2 What are the uses of Fund Flow Statement ?
Q3 1 ton of material input yield standard output of 1,00,000 units. The standard price of materials is Rs. 20 per kg. The actual quantity of materials used is 10 tons and the actual price paid is Rs. 21 per kg. Actual output obtained is 9,00,000 units. Compute Material Variances.
From the above particulars, compute :
(i) Material Cost Variance
(ii) Material Price Variance
(iii) Material Usage Variance
Q4 From the following prepare a summarized Balance Sheet of X Ltd. as on 31.03 2016.
Quick Ratio 1.5
Current Ratio 2.5
Fixed Assets to Equity 0.75
Working Capital Rs. 1,20,000
Reserves and Surplus Rs. 60,000
Bank overdraft Rs. 20,000
From the above particulars, prepare the Balance Sheet as at 31.03.2016.
Q5 Explain the objectives of analysis of financial statement.
What are the types of analysis ?
Objectives of analysis of financial statements
Types of analysis
Q6 Rainbow Ltd. sold goods for Rs. 30,00,000 in a year. In that year the variable costs were Rs. 6,00,000 and fixed costs were Rs. 8,00,000. Find out :
i) P/V Ratio
ii) Break-even sales, and
iii) Break-even Sales if Selling price was reduced by 10 % and Fixed costs were increased by Rs. 1,00,000. From the above data find :

BBA 403 - International marketing

Q1 Elaborate in detail basics for international trade.
Q2 Write a short note on international economic environment & regional economic integration.
Q3 Explain the types of government in detail? Types of government in detail Q4 Write a meaning of Distribution? Explain direct and indirect selling channels.
Q5 Explain the Basics of advertisement and role of advertisement.
Q6 Explain Buying decision in e marketing.

BBA404 Small Business Management

Q1 Write short notes on the following: a) Significance of small business b)Evaluation of small business in India a)Significance of small business b)Evaluation of small business in India Q2 Elaborate on concept of strategic management and strategy. a)Concept of strategic management b)Strategy Q3 Describe the following: a)capacity management and b) Types of manufacturing processes. a)capacity management and b) Types of manufacturing processes.

BBA405 Retail Management

Q1 Explain the four principles of retailing concept and the eight functions of Retailing.
Q2 What are the various factors influencing the retail consumers?
All the 4 factors including the sub factors in each factor need to be explained in detail
Q3 Describe the different kinds of markets and explain the benefits of market segmentation.

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