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BBA Semester 1 Summer 2015

Summer 2015 smude bba semester 1 answerBBA101 – Communication Skills

Q1. Communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Explain this statement describing the meaning and process of communication.
Q2. Listening is not easy task as there are several barriers. Discuss the barriers to the listening process.
Q3. What are the strategies for effective listening? Discuss each of them in short.
Q4. Write short notes on: a.Notices b. Circulars
Q5. What are the principles of email writing? List any ten email etiquette.
Q6. Consider yourself as MBA in any specialization. Prepare a chronological resume for yourself to be sent to a job opening in a newspaper.

Summer 2015 smude bba semester 1 answerBBA102- Organization Behaviour

Q1. Define the term ‘Organisational Behaviour’. Describe the importance of Organisational behaviour.
Q2. List the types of organisation structure? State the basic elements of Organization Structure. Explain any three elements.
Q3. Explain the components of Learning.
Q4. Describe Conflict management approaches.
Q5. Define the term ‘power’ with respect to Organisational behaviour. What are the sources of power? Explain.
Q6. What do you mean by organisational change? Explain the need for change. What are the reasons for resistance to change in organisation?

Summer 2015 smude bba semester 1 answerBBA103 – Business Environment

Q1. Discuss the role of economic environment in business.
Q2. How are business and society related? What is the effect of society on business?
Q3. What is a mixed economy? Discuss the merits and demerits of mixed economy.
Q4. Explain the role of industrial policy and write a note on industrial policy 1980.
Q5. What is Privatization? Explain the inefficiencies prevailing in public sector enterprises.
Q6. Write short notes on: a) Free Trade area b) Common market

Summer 2015 smude bba semester 1 answerBBA104–Quantitative Techniques in Business

Q1. What do you mean by Measures of Central Tendency? Explain the Measures of Central Tendency.
Q2. Briefly explain the following: a) Cumulative frequency distribution b) Pie Chart c) Bar Chart d) Histogram e) Frequency polygon
Q3. a. Explain the methods of determining trend in time series. b. Fit a straight line trend by method of least squares to the following data:
Year    2000     2001     2002     2003     2004
Production(in lakhs)  4     6     9     10    11

Summer 2015 smude bba semester 1 answerBBA105 – Computer Fundamentals

Q1. a. Determine the decimal equivalent of the given number (67.33)8 b. determine the decimal equivalent of the given number (115)16
Q2. Invite a set of friends for your wedding through email because you do not have enough of time to go and personally invite. How do you invite them with one personal mail?
Q3. a. What is a Macro? b. How do you create Macro?

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