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BBA Semester 5 Spring 2017


Answer the following questions: Q1. Write short notes on: a. Production Management b. Production Management c. Reverse Engineering d. Production Planning and Control
Q2. What is the purpose of sales forecasting? Explain following methods of time series analysis for forecasting:
Q3. What do you mean by Operation Strategy? Discuss various operations strategies in services.
Q4. CDefine materials management and state its importance and functions.
Q5. What is PERT? Explain the applications and advantages of PERT.
Q6. Define Work Measurement and state its objectives and techniques.


Q1. Write short notes on Profit Maximization and Risk-Return Trade-Off.
Q2. Explain Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) thereby explaining the Systematic and Unsystematic Risk.
Q3. Write short notes on Net Income Approach and Traditional Approach.
Q4. What do you mean by Lease Financing? What are the various advantages and disadvantages of Lease Financing?
Q5. What do you mean by Working Capital? What are the various factors that influence in determining the Working Capital of a firm?
Q6. What do you mean by Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)? Also explain Just-In- Time (JIT) Systems.


Q1. Briefly explain any 3 types of theory of Economic Development and also discuss the features of a Developing Economy.
Q2. Write short notes on: a) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India b) Communication system in India
Q3. Discuss in detail Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) Model of Development with the help of examples?
Q4. Discuss the Significance of Agriculture in the National Economy?
Q5. Discuss the Overview of the Services Sector
Q6. Explain the role of the Public Sector in India


Q1. Write notes on : a) Tax Treatment of Income. b) Capital Expenses vs. Revenue Expenses. c) Fringe Benefit Tax.
Q2. A) Raj was born in Karachi on January 2,1947. He has been staying in USA since 1986.He comes to India on a visit of 200 days on October 10,2014. Determine the residential status of Mr Raj for the assessment year 2015-16. B) Discuss the advantages of VAT over Sales tax.
Q3. “Section 48 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 discusses the methods of computation of short term and long term capital gains”. Enumerate with examples.


Q1. Who is an Entrepreneur? What is the role of entrepreneurship in Economic Development?
Q2. What do you mean by Business Plan? Explain its significance.
Q3. Define the term growth. What are the characteristics of a high growth firm?

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