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BBA Semester 2 Spring17


Q1. Discuss the various steps involved in research process with a suitable diagram.
Q2. What is Secondary data? What are the advantages & disadvantages of Secondary Data?
Q3. Explain the qualities of a good questionnaire.

BBA207 Business Strategy

Q1. What are the various types of strategies pursued by businesses? What are the various features of Business Strategy?
Q2. Explain the Strategic Management Process.
Q3. What are the various traits of strategic leaders which help to set them apart from other managers?


X, Y & Z were partners sharing profits and losses as 4:3:2. Their Balance Sheet as on 31.03.2016 were as under : Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs.
Capital: 1,80,000
X 80,000 Freehold Premises Building Machinery 90,000 45,000 90,000
Y 60,000
Z 40,000
Reserves 90,000 Investments 18,000
Overdraft 18,000 Inventories 27,000
Creditors 9,000 Receivables 27,000
Bills Payable 9,000 Cash 9,000
3,06,000 3,06,000
Z expired on 1st April 2016. So, the assets are revalued and liabilities re-assessed as follows :
i) Create a provision for doubtful debt Rs. 800.
ii) Building and investment are to be appreciated by 10 %.
iii) Machinery is to be depreciated by 5 %.
iv) Goodwill of the firm is to be valued at Rs. 27,000.
The balance due to Z will be transferred to his executor’s loan account which will carry an
interest of 10 % p.a. Prepare Revaluation Account, Capital Accounts and the Balance Sheet of new firm after adjustments.

Q2. How will you differentiate between Trade discount and Cash discount ? Narrate the main divisions and classes of share capital.
Q3. Write short notes on:
i) Issue of Bonus shares
ii) Re-issue of forfeited shares at a discount
iii) Buy back of shares
iv) Alteration of share capital or share split
v) Redemption of preference shares

Assignment II
Q1. From the ledger balances as on 31st March 2016 show treatments in Profit and Loss Account and in Balance Sheet. Debtors : 50,000; Bad Debts : 3,000; Discount Allowed : 2,000; Creditors: 30,000; Provision for Discount on Creditors : 400; Discount Received 300. Adjustments : i) Create a provision for Bad Debts @ 10 % on Debtors ii) Create a provision for Discount on Debtors @ 5 % iii) Additional discount given to Debtors Rs. 1,000 iv) Create a provision for discount on Creditors @ 2 %.
Q2. Explain Bill of exchange and the procedure for recording bills in the books of drawer and accepter when the bill is : Accepted and discharged.
Q3. Explain the Depreciation Accounting procedure and concept taking AS-6 into consideration.

BBA209 Marketing Management

Q1. What are the various types of market based on –
a. Geographical Coverage
b. Commodities/Goods?
Q2. Write Short Notes on:
a. 4 Ps of Marketing
b. Additional 3 Ps of Marketing
Q3.Explain the various steps involved in New Product Development.

Assignment Set -2 Questions
Q1. What are the various factors that influence Channel Decision?
Q2. Write short notes on
a. Different types of advertising appeals used by Ad Agencies
b. Essentials of a good advertising copy
Q3. Mention 3 important characteristics of Services. What are the important factors that have contributed to the growth of service industry?


Q1. What are the chief characteristics of and functions of MIS
Q2. Explain the major steps involved in Systems Design.
Q3. Write a brief note on
a) Database
b) Data mining, and
c) Data warehousing
Assignment Set – 2 Questions
Q1. What are the benefits, disadvantages and Challenges in ERP
Q2. Explain the concepts
a) Decision Support System
b) Artificial Intelligence, and
c) Neural Networks
Q3. Explain the basic functions of Database Management Systems (DBMS) Explain the architecture of database with the help of a diagram.

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