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BBA Semester 6 Spring 2016


Q1. Explain the concept of technology forecasting? Write a brief note on different methods of technology forecasting.
Q2. What is technology acquisition? Explain the two methods of technology acquisition.
Q3. List and describe the different characteristics of the various stages in life cycle of technology.
Q4. Briefly explain any four qualitative technology transfer models.
Q5. a. Explain the different steps of Environmental impact analysis (EIA) process. b. What are the various issues in the preparation of EIA Report?
Q6. Briefly explain any four new technologies available in the present market. What are the different aspects must be considered while implementing a new technology.

BBA602 –Management Development and Skills

Q1. What do you mean by Directing? Explain the principles of Directing.
Q2. What is Creative Thinking? Discuss the importance of Creative thinking. Explain the process of Creative Thinking.
Q3. Explain the concept of Time Management. Discuss the Steps involved in Time management.
Q4. Suppose you have joined as a Manager in an organization and you are asked to negotiate on a particular issue. What according to you are the principles of Negotiation? Explain the steps in the process of negotiation.
Q5. Discuss the qualities required to become an effective leader.
Q6. Write a short note on the following:
a) Impact Analysis
b) Catwoe Analysis


Q1. Elaborate the emerging trends in Global trade.
Q2. Compare the relationship between Current Account, Capital Account and Official Reserve Account. Explain the concept of BoP Accounting
Q3. Explain cash-in-advance and write the process of issuing letter of credit and different types of letter of credit.
Q4. Write notes on :
a) Determinants of Exchange rates
b) Purchasing Power Parity
c) International Fischer Effect
Q5. What are the criticisms against so called free market reforms advocated by the World Bank ?
Q6. Do you think the Council of Europe Development Bank and Development Bank of Central African states have successfully delivered ? Furnish a critical analysis.

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