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BBA Semester 4 Spring Spring16

BBA401 – E-Commerce

Q1. Define E-Commerce. What are the various functions and applications of E-Commerce?
Q2. Write Short notes on the following: a. Local Area Network (LAN) b. Wide Area Network (WAN) c. Domain Names d. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
Q3. Explain three important types of business models in practice. Give example to each of the models.
Q4. With an example explain the different services offered by the Internet.
Q5. Explain the different categories of electronic payment systems in detail.
Q6. What is internet marketing? Briefly explain the different types of internet marketing.

BBA402 – Management Accounting

Q1. Differentiate between : a) Standard Costing and Budgetary Control b) Estimated Cost, Historical Cost and Standard Cost
Q2. a) Product X is estimated to require 20 hours per unit. The standard rate per hour is Re.1. During a month 2000 units were produced. For this 38,000 hours were taken at Rs. 1.05 per hour. Calculate the variances. b) In this illustration, if it is assumed that 100 hours is lost due to breakdown of machinery, calculate the necessary variances.
Q3. If : S.P (p.u.) Rs. 100, V.C. (p.u.) Rs. 50, Total Fixed Cost : Rs. 1, 00, 000 Find : i) BEP ii) P/V Ratio iii) Sales required to earn profit of Rs. 50,000 iv) New BEP if S.P. is reduced by 15 % due to competition.
Q4. Given the Balance Sheet of a Company as under : Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs. Equity shares of Rs. 10 each 10,00,000 Fixed Assets 15,00,000 General Reserves 2,00,000 Stock 5,00,000 7 % Debentures 3,00,000 Receivables 4,00,000 Term Loan from X Bank 5,00,000 Cash 1,00,000 Overdraft 2,00,000 Creditors and Bills 3,00,000 25,00,000 25,00,000 Calculate : i) Current ratio ii) Quick ratio iii) Debt-equity ratio iv) Proprietary ratio v) Solvency ratio
Q5. What are the uses and limitations of a Cash Flow Statement ?
Q6. What is Transfer Pricing ? Explain Transfer Pricing options.

BBA 403 - International marketing

Q1. Differentiate between Domestic Marketing and International Marketing. Elaborate on the benefits of International Marketing and write a short note on Barriers to International trade and marketing
Q2. Write short note on: 1. Perfect competition 2. Oligopoly 3. Inflation 4. Mixed Economy 5. Fiscal Policy
Q3. Explain the basic legal systems prevailing around the world and the legal issues in International Business
Q4. Discuss Foreign Direct Investment. Write short notes on : 1. Licensing 2. Joint Venture 3. Franchising 4. Contract Manufacture
Q5. Define Product Life Cycle (PLC), Advantages and Disadvantages of Product Customization and discuss on Global Product Planning
Q6.Explain on the various aspects related to dumping. Define transfer pricing and its objectives. What are Letters of Credit (LCs) in marketing arena?

BBA404 – Small Business Management

Q1. Write short notes on the following: a) Various forms of organisation b) Competitive strategies
Q2. Elaborate on materials management and its functions. Define Robert Katz’s essential management skills.
Q3. Describe the following: (a) Factors affecting working capital requirements (b) Chit fund (c) Activity Based Costing (ABC)

BBA405 – Retail Management

Q1. Explain different types of Retail formats.
Q2. Discuss the components of merchandising management.
Q3. What are the elements of store design? Explain each in detail.

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