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BBA Semester 3 Spring 2016

BBA301 - Legal and Regulatory Framework

Q1. Explain the various types of contracts in detail.
Q2. What are the characteristics of a negotiable instrument?
Q3. Define partnership. What are the modes of determining existence of a partnership?
Q4. Discuss the different provisions laid down in District Forum, State Commission and National Commission.
Q5. Bring out the difference between FERA and FEMA.
Q6. “Patents do not cover abstract ideas or theories, but are intended to cover specific technical solutions that have some practical application, use or benefit. A patent is generally available for an eligible invention.” Do you agree? Substantiate your agreement/disagreement.

BBA302- Human Resource Management

Q1. Define the concept of HRM? Explain the features and objectives of HRM?
Q2. Explain the objectives and importance of HRP? Describe in detail the steps involved in selection process?
Q3. Discuss the characteristics of an effective incentive system? Discuss any two types of incentive schemes/plan?
Q4. What are the various benefits of Training? Discuss the Principles of wage and salary administration?
Q5. Identify the various advantages of employee empowerment and also discuss the elements of employee empowerment?
Q6. Explain the three dimensions of International HRM? What are the various challenges of International HRM?

BBA303 – Quality Management

Q1. Discuss Deming’s 14 points for management.
Q2. How is the McKinsey 7S model used for carrying out strategic planning and implementation?
Q3. What is cost of quality? Why is it important to measure? List common costs of poor quality.
Q4. What is meant by Quality Audit? What is its purpose?
Q5. Write short notes on: a) Recognition and rewards b) Suggestion systems
Q6. Discuss about IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award.

BBA304 - Advertising and sales

Q1. Define advertisement and explain its major characteristics with examples.
Q2. Explain the word copywriting with definition. Also write in detail the copywriting guidelines.
Q3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of newspaper as a medium of advertising?
Q4. What do you mean by Public relations (PR)? What are the difference between PR and advertising?
Q5. Define personal selling and explain the steps involved in personal selling process?
Q6. Explain the various methods for evaluating the performance of salespeople?

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