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BBA Semester 5 Spring 2015


Q1. Answer the following questions: a. What are the differences between goods and services? b. Explain the basic elements of strategic plans. c. Mention the importance of sales forecasting?
Q2. What are the characteristics of a good product design?
Q3. Write short notes on: a. Production control b. Subcontract purchasing c. Supply alliances
Q4. Answer the following questions: a. What are the limitations of PERT and CPM? b. List any 4 general principles of plant layout. c. What are some of the problems faced by organizations while laying down a maintenance policy?
Q5. There are several techniques for measuring work. Explain the most common techniques used for measuring work.
Q6. There are a number of other tools that can be used for quality planning, and the one that is gaining popularity is ‘The New Seven Management and Planning Tools’. Which are the ‘New Seven Tools’?


Q1. Explain the functions of finance Explain about the role of a finance manager and funds allocation
Q2. Write short notes on : a) Operating Budgets b) Financial Budgets c) Capital Budgets
Q3. Explain on cost of capital and cost of preference capital.
Q4. Solve the given problem below:
Sales 25,00,000 ; Variable cost 15,00,000 ; Fixed cost 5,00,000 (including interest on 10,00,000). Calculate degree of financial leverage. Determine the operating leverage :
Determine the degree of operating leverage from the following data:
S Ltd R Ltd
Sales 25,00,000 30,00,000
Fixed costs 7,50,000 15,00,000
Variable expenses 50% of sales for firm S 25% for firm R.
Q5. Explain the capital budgeting process. Why is Net Present Value (NPV) important?
Q6. Write about cash planning and explain about cash forecasting and budgeting.


Q1. Differentiate between development and growth.
Q2. Describe the role of land resources as natural resource in India.
Q3. Write a note on social infrastructure including education and health in India.
Q4. State the prospects and growth targets of twelfth five year plan.
Q5. Identify various schemes launched by the government to reduce unemployment and underemployment. Explain any 2 in detail.
Q6. Write short notes on: a. Land reforms b. RBI


Q1. Distinguish between revenue expenditure and capital expenditure. Explain the distinction between capital losses and revenue losses.
Q2. Explain the deductions u/s 80.
Q3. Write a note on Fringe Benefit Tax.


Q1. Define the term ‘Entrepreneurship’. Explain the importance of entrepreneurship.
Q2. What are the sources of opportunities for an entrepreneur? Discuss the methods of generating ideas.
Q3. Write short notes on the following:
a) Types of ownership securities
b) Choosing the Legal Form of New Venture.

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