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BBA Semester 1 Fall 2016


Q1. Depending on the channel used and the style of communication, there can be various types of communication. Explain the various types of communication based on channels and style?
Q2. As a listener, why do you think listening plays a vital role in the organization? Co-relate the importance of the listening process in workplace with probable measures to be taken to improve it?
Q3. Discuss different types of communication network practiced in an organization.

BBA107 - Organization Behaviour

Q1. Define the term 'Organisational Behaviour'. Explain the importance of Organizational Behaviour.
Q2. Explain the following:
a) Span of Control
b) Centralisation and Decentralisation
Q3. Describe the personality traits influencing Organizational behaviour.

BBA108 - Business Environment

Q1. What are the constituents of the micro external factors in business environment?
Q2. What are the risks involved in doing business in India.
Q3. Which are the main financial institutions of India? What role do they play in the economy?

BBA109-Quantitative Techniques in Business

Q1. What do you mean by primary data? What are the various methods of collecting primary data?
Q2. Write short notes on
a. Drafting Questionnaire
b. Quartile deviation
c. Applications of Time Series Analysis
d. Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors
Q3. a. Explain the meaning of Weighted Index Numbers. b. Information of sales price per unit of different commodities for two different years is given in following table-
Commodities 2010 2016
Price Quantity Price Quantity
A 20 5 25 3
B 30 8 45 5
C 10 12 20 8
D 15 10 16 10
E 45 5 50 6
F 90 10 110 8
Construct the Price Index taking 2010 as the base year and 2016 as the current year by following methods.
i. Laspeyre's Price Index
ii. Paasche's Method
iii. Dorbish and Bowley's method
iv. Fisher's Ideal Index Method

BBA110 - Computer Fundamentals

Q1. With a neat diagram explain the architecture of a computer.
Q2. a. What is main memory? What are the types of main memory?
b. What is secondary memory? Give examples.
Q3. Write short notes on the following:
a. Decimal Number System
b. Binary Number System
c. Octal Number System
d. Hexadecimal Number System

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