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BBA Semester 6 Fall 2015


Q1. Explain the positive and negative impact of Technology on Business and society.
Q2. What is technology acquisition? Explain the two methods of technology acquisition.
Q3. List and describe the different characteristics of the various stages in life cycle of technology.
Q4. a. List the different qualitative technology transfer models
b. explain The Schile, Radnor, and Wad model in details
c. draw process model for problem solver model
Q5. a. list the guidelines on the scope of EIA
b. What are the various issues in the preparation of EIA Report?
Q6. Identify and explain the tools that have been developed on the basis of specific functions involved in an organization.

BBA602 –Management Development and Skills

Q1. Define Management. Explain the importance of Management. Discuss any three advantages of Management.
Q2. Discuss the John Fisher’s Model of Personal Change.
Q3. Explain the concept of Decision-Making. Discuss the challenges in the process of Decision making.
Q4. Suppose you have joined as a Manager in an organization and you are asked to negotiate on a particular issue. What according to you are the principles of Negotiation? Explain the steps in the process of negotiation.
Q5. Discuss the qualities required to become an effective leader.
Q6. Write a short note on the following:
a) Risk Analysis
b) Impact Analysis


Q1. Give introduction to international finance. Explain the benefits, scope of international finance. List the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
Q2. Write short note on: • Balance of Payment • Current account • Capital account • Foreign exchange reserves • Accounting equilibrium
Q3. Explain cash-in-advance and write the process of issuing letter of credit and different types of letter of credit.
Q4. Write down the differences between GATT and WTO. Explain the problems and achievements of GATT & WTO.
Q5. Explain the main functions of banks. Write down the lending activities and lending policies of bank.
Q6. Write the objectives of global financial regulation. Explain the key features of Basel III and its impact.

BBA RO Semester 6 Fall 2015

BBR601-Modern Retail Management Process and Retail Services

Q1. Explain the cyclical theories in detail.
Q2. Differentiate between Multichannel Retailing & Single channel retailing
Q3. “Retailing is also based on several strategies”. Briefly explain the various retail strategies
Q4. Explain different types of retail customers
Q5. Discuss the principles of branding.
Q6. Explain the following in detail

BBR602-Retail Project Property Management and Case Studies in Retail

Q1. Explain the duties of Property Manager
Q2. Who are major stakeholders in the property market?
Q3. “Planning is the foremost function of any work or project initiation”. Explain the analysis conducted under a property management plan.
Q4. What are the approaches considered by property manager while managing a retail property?
Q5. Explain the determinants of the retail Property Value
Q6. Explain the following
(i)Non-Compete Clause
(ii)Income Method of Property Valuation

BBR603-Merchandising and Supply Chain Management

Q1. What are the functions of a retailer?
Q2. Differentiate between Retail Supply Chains vs. Manufacturing Supply Chain.
Q3. Explain the different stages of retailer-supplier relationship development.
Q4. “Consumer Electronics retailing is one of the rapidly growing markets in India”. Explain the supply chain in consumer electronics retailing in this context.
Q5. Discuss the major areas of Merchandise Management.
Q6. Explain the following:
(i) Colour Wheel
(ii) Objectives of Visual Merchandising

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