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BBA Semester 5 Fall 2015


Q1. Write short notes on : Scope of production management , Importance of forecasting.
Q2. What are the steps in product selection and development
Q3. Discuss the main functions of production planning and control.
Q4. Describe the major steps of the purchasing procedure.
Q5. Explain any TEN factors that affect decisions regarding the choice of location
Q6. Describe the techniques of work measurement.


Q1. Explain profit maximization. Write the objectives of profit maximization.
Q2. Explain the concept of Time value of Money. Explain with an example the compounding method.
Q3. What do you understand by financial leverage? Explain Earning Per Share (EPS) and Return on Equity (ROE).
Q4. Explain the Capital Investment Planning and Control phases. Write short notes on : a) Net Present Value (NPV) b) Internal Rate of Return(IRR)
Q5. Explain the modes of security which a bank may require. Write the features of ordinary shares.
Q6. Explain the three motives for holding cash. Write the facets of cash management.


Q1. Differentiate between development and growth.
Q2. Discuss the role of agriculture and industry in growth and economic development of India.
Q3. Explain the objectives of economic planning in India.
Q4. Discuss the indicators in order to explain the role of public sector in Indian Economy.
Q5. Identify various schemes launched by the government to reduce unemployment and underemployment. Explain any 2 in detail.
Q6. Write short notes on: a. Land reforms b. RBI


Q1. Explain the basic concepts of Taxation : a) Tax Management b) Assessment Year c) Previous Year d) Assesse Write about the capital receipts Vs Revenue receipts. Write the two basic conditions to determine the residential status of an individual.
Q2. Explain Tax Planning, Avoidance and Evasion. Write about penalties and prosecutions.
Q3. Explain about depreciation and depreciable assets. Solve the below given problem From the following details in respect of Mr Siddharth, calculate the income chargeable under the head income from salaries. Basic salary Rs.3,40,000 Dearness allowance Rs.1,60,000 House rent allowance Rs.1,48,000 City compensatory allowance (per month) Rs.34,000 Profession tax deducted from salary Rs.6,000 The following additional information is provided: (a) Mr Siddharth was provided various taxable perquisites which were valued at Rs.24,000. (b) Mr Siddharth was provided a car exclusively for travel between his residence and office. He lives in a house owned by him.


Q1. What are the important characteristics of an entrepreneur?
Q2. What are the sources of opportunities for an entrepreneur? Discuss the methods of generating ideas.
Q3. Write short notes on the following:
a) Types of ownership securities
b) Choosing the Legal Form of New Venture.

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