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BBA Semester 3 Fall 2015

BBA301 - Legal and Regulatory Framework

Q1. Explain the clause related to the acceptance of proposal and the mandatory conditions attached with it.
Q2. What are the different ways in which an agency may be formed?
Q3. “A bill may be dishonoured by non-acceptance or by non-payment”. Explain
Q4. Decisions of the members at general meetings are expressed by way of resolutions. What do you understand by the term resolution here? Explain it with its kinds.
Q5. FEMA clearly defines the acts that can be termed as offences under its purview. What are these malpractices which are covered under FEMA act?
Q6. Write short notes on: a) Copyright b) Electronic Governance

BBA302- Human Resource Management

Q1. Explain the various emerging concepts of Human Resource Management(HRM)
Q2. What do you mean by Human Resource Planning? Explain the importance of Human Resource Planning.
Q3. What do you mean by Recruitment? Explain the factors affecting Recruitment.
Q4. Suppose you have joined as an HR Manager in an organization and you are asked to improve the organization’s Induction process. What are the strategies you will consider in order to improve the Induction process?
Q5. Discuss the features of an Incentive plan. Explain the characteristics of an effective Incentive System
Q6. Write a short note on the following: a)Employee Counselling b)Selection

BBA303 – Quality Management

Q1. Mention some of the definitions of quality. Explain the dimensions of quality. What is meant by quality assurance?
Q2. Explain the following: a) Kaizen b) Benchmarking and its importance
Q3. (a) Describe the contribution of Edwards Deming to Quality management. (b) Differentiate between Mission and Vision Statements.
Q4. What is meant by Customer Focus? Describe in brief the concept of Customer satisfaction and Customer delight.
Q5. Write Short notes on the following: a) Cost of Quality b) Productivity
Q6. Define Quality Management System. Explain Quality Management Principles.

BBA304 - Advertising and sales

Q1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of television advertising. Also explain what do you understand by Internet Advertising and Social Media Network advertising?
Q2. Explain the consumer buying decision process.
Q3. Observe any newspaper advertisement of any consumer durable company. What is the target audience and what are benefits of choosing newspaper for advertisement.
Q4. What is media planning and what are the steps in media planning process?
Q5. What do you understand by Public relations? What is the difference between PR and advertising?
Q6. Write short notes on: a) Sales quota b)sales force

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